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ProCo Sound IT1



Isolation Transformer, Single Channel Box

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The Pro Co IT1 Isolation Transformer Unit provides an easy-to-use, high-quality solution for interface problems that demand the high degree of electrical isolation that only a transformer can provide. Transformer isolation minimizes interference from SCR lighting dimmers, radio transmitters and 60 Hz AC power wiring with a common-mode voltage range that makes it far more forgiving of improper connections or fault conditions than any electronically balanced or “differential” transformerless circuit. This makes transformer-floated outputs essential for safeguarding portable sound reinforcement systems and installations.

Sound system technicians can use the IT1 to break ground loops between pieces of equipment connected with unbalanced lines (for instance, to float the unbalanced output of a mixer that must drive long cables connected to power amplifier inputs). For musicians, the IT1 is a line level direct box for connecting line-level sound modules, samplers and the like to “live” or recording mixers, providing a floating output without the voltage stepdown of a high-to-low impedance conversion. For broadcast and ENG, the IT1 is a handy unit for deriving a remote feed from a press conference or meeting room public address system.

Male and female XLR-type connectors in parallel with two 3-conductor 1/4” (6.3mm) phone jacks for LINE IN/OUT provide nearly universal loop-through capability. Parallel jack and male XLR connectors deliver the ISO OUT to balanced or unbalanced loads. The use of the Pro Co LOT-1 transformer allows the IT1 to provide a floating, low-impedance output with wide, flat frequency response, ultralow distortion, and no ringing or overshoot to degrade transient response. (Note: The LOT-1’s dual primary windings allow an IT1 to be rewired for 1:2 operation if required, providing 6 dB of voltage stepup.) The GND/LIFT switch provides isolation and buzz-free operation invirtually any environment.

The IT1’s “Uni-box” construction” enclosure is formed of extruded aluminum side channels and 16-gauge steel top, bottom and end plates and is designed to protect switches and connectors from accidental damage. The use of steel also provides excellent magnetic shielding for the transformer from 60Hz AC hum fields. Top-quality connectors and switches provide trouble-free service even in abusive situations such as remote broadcast and recording operations.

• True Floating Transformer Isolation for Unbalanced Line-Level Outputs

• Input, Output and Loop-Thru XLR and 1/4” (6.3mm) Phone Jack Connectors

• Can Be Used As Line-Level Direct Box

• Ideal for Portable and Permanent Sound Systems

• High-Quality Transformer-Isolated Output

• Rugged “Uni-Box” construction provides protection and EMI/RMI shielding

$190.36 $240.42
You save $50.06

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