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Presonus Studio Channel



Tube Channel Strip with Mic Preamp, Compressor and EQ


The PreSonus Studio Channel is a professional channel strip combining a Class A tube preamplifier, VCA-based compressor and three-band parametric equalizer to deliver exceptional sonic power and flexibility.

The preamplifier stage of the PreSonus Studio Channel features a high output 12AX7 vacuum tube for high headroom and big tone. Dual control Gain and Tube Drive gives you a wide range of sounds from transparent and clear to edgy and overdriven.

The compressor in the PreSonus Studio Channel is a fully variable ultra-fast and smooth VCA-based circuit with all of the controls needed for a wide range of compression settings: ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain make up. The VCA-based compressor is known for musicality as well as ultra fast attack with the ability to tame the fastest transients.

The EQ of the PreSonus Studio Channel boasts custom-designed amplifiers that deliver sweet-sounding gain/cut for ultra smooth highs, deep solid lows and clear midrange. The mid-band of the EQ section has variable Q for controlling the width around the center point of the selected frequency. High and low frequency bands give you the option for selecting peak/dip or shelving frequencies.


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  • Presonus Studio Channel Features:
  • One-Channel Class A vacuum tube microphone / instrument preamplifier
  • Tube gain and tube drive
  • XLR and 1/4" balanced/unbalanced TRS/TS I/O
  • Variable VCA compressor (threshold, ratio, attack, release, make up gain, auto, soft)
  • Three-band parametric EQ
  • Precision analog VU meter for gain reduction and output
  • EQ Pre/Post compressor switch
  • 80Hz high pass filter
  • 20dB pad
  • Phase invert
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • High headroom
  • Ultra low noise design