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NOTABOTYET Tally Helper 500



Interface for up to 5 Yellowtec Mika Boom Talley Lights - Y16-M50-1

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Introducing the Tally Helper 500. Like its little brother, the Tally Helper 100, when installing Mika mic booms, it can make some of life’s problems disappear. Imagine having a nice clean phoenix-type screw terminal strip sitting there just waiting to have each of the tally wires locked down for a good, tight electrical connection. Imagine not having to loop through a relay, krone block, scotch tape, or anything. Imagine having a power supply that connects to the device and provide a solid 12 volts of regulated power for up to five Mika mic booms. Imagine an two easy RJ-45 connectors waiting to be plugged into a Axia GPIO ports or Wheatnet Logic ports or any standard GPIO type output that provide a closures to ground to activate. Imagine being able to decide which GPIO input bit will trigger the red tally and which will trigger the white tally. While that is quite an imagination, it is all real and ready to help.

$181.00 $208.00
You save $27.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Phoenix-type screw terminal strip for connecting tally wires from up to 5 Mika mic booms
  • Included 12V regulated switching power supply.
  • Two RJ-45 input connectors (One for Red and One for White) with pinouts matching our Axia GPIO Breakout Board (Part# A15-B01-2) or Wheatnet IP logic ports.
  • Active low inputs mean installers can use any standard GPIO source (using open collector type closures to ground or relay closures to ground) to control the device
  • Small device (no larger than a surface mount phone jack) can be mounted discreetly in any location convenient for access and wiring.