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NOTABOTYET Tally Helper 150



5-Pin XLR Interface for Yellowtec Mika Microphone Boom Tally Lights Y24-M15-0

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Using the same technology as the Tally Helper 100, the Tally Haler 150 adds the convenience of a countertop-mounted 5-Pin XLR while still providing a quick and easy way to power and control the tally lights on Yellowtec Mika microphone booms. Perfect if the Mika Arm came with a 5 Pin XLR preinstalled or if the installer adds their own 5-Pin XLR to the arm.

Inputs can be used to turn on the red or white lights inside the microphone boom depending on the input signal received from their GPIO source. (Without this device, installers need to hardwire either red or white functionality when installing their mic booms and therefore cannot use both colors.). For example, by using the Tally Helper, an installer can configure the red light to indicate a live microphone, and the white light for signaling something such as a live studio status, a timing cue, a telephone line ringing, or some other function based on their GPIO setup.

The input RJ45 connector is a match for our Axia GPIO Breakout Board (A15-B01-2) or the logic port on a Wheatnet IP Blade. The device may also be controlled using GPIO sources from other manufacturers that can provide a closure to ground via open collector outputs or dry contact relays.

Mount the XLR Plate in your countertop by simply drilling a 1 3/8” hole and then screw the mounting plate to the counter (Predrilling recommended). Connect the XLR assembly to the control box (mounted under the counter) using the supplied Shielded Cat-5 cable.

The microphone audio signal from the Mika microphone boom loops through this device making it an easy termination point for the 5-Pin XLR from Mika Mic Arm. Connections for the Mic audio are made using a large robust screw terminal barrier strip.

System Includes 12V power adapter and a 3’ Shielded Cat-5 Cable.

$162.00 $186.00
You save $24.00
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