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Dual 5A SPDT Relay for Axia, Wheatnet, and Generic GPIO

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Provides a quick and easy way to control higher current and higher voltage devices like older 110V On Air Lights or other devices based on input signal received from their GPIO source. Two opto-isolated relays are each driven separately by two GPIO control bits.

The input RJ45 connector is a match for our Axia GPIO Breakout Boards (A15-B01-2) or the logic ports on a Wheatnet IP Blade. The device may also be controlled using GPIO sources from other manufacturers that use open collector outputs or dry contact relays. Loopout connector allows daisy chaining of devices off one Axia or Wheatnet port up to 3 max devices.

Includes 12V / 1 Amp power adapter. Adapter powers relay coils and can also be used to power other 12V devices such as 12V on air lights. 1 Amp Maximum.

$141.00 $162.00
You save $21.00

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