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Neumann STH100



XY Stereo Mount For Two AK Capsules

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Stereo mount with a swivel mount and two holders, to attach two active capsules of the KM 100 system. Two stereo recording methods are then possible.

One holder enables the microphone setup according to the "ORTF Method": Two active capsules, with LC 3 KA cables, are snapped into the clamps at the end of the holder. The distance between diaphragms is then 170 mm, with an angle of 110°.

The other pair of holders allows stereo setups according to the "Coincidence Method": Active capsules, with LC 3 KA cables, are installed acoustically at one point in space, however, freely adjustable to any angle between 30° and 180°.

The swivel mount has a 5/8"-27 thread, plus a thread adapter to connect to 1/2"- and 3/8" stands.

$289.00 $349.00
You save $60.00

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