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Nautel VS300-N



300W FM Transmitter with Integral Digital Exciter, 110 - 264 VAC, N Connector Output

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Featuring industry first innovations such as IP audio, SHOUTcast support, audio backup, advanced control, and optional Orban Inside™.

VS Series Big Transmitter Features

Big transmitter features for unmatched value.

Many transmitters in the 300 W to 2.5 kW class use an inexpensive analog exciter that is sometimes an external unit. But in the VS Series, not only did Nautel engineers integrate the exciter, they implemented a true direct-to-channel digital exciter to achieve class leading performance. That means crystal clear audio and outstanding value. A great achievement considering that digital exciters alone usually sell for over US $10,000.

The VS300 and VS1 transmitters with their built-in RDS generator, GPS input, powerful presets and -90 dB SNR make for powerful and extremely cost-effective exciters.

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  • Main Features:
  • Built-in Commercial Grade Instrumentation: A feature initially developed for our high power NV Series transmitters, all VS300 low power transmitters are equipped with RF and audio spectrum analyzers. Pre configured to allow instantaneous analysis without the need to set up or purchase expensive stand alone equipment costing thousands of dollars, these tools open up a whole new world of professional grade instrumentation for low power broadcasters.
  • Advanced User Interface (AUI) Features: The AUI can be accessed locally with a user provided laptop and remotely using the internet. Screens are easy to set up and read, and clearly display the parameters you need to see. No matter where you are, you’re only moments away from ensuring your transmitter is operating optimally. AUI functionality includes: *Instrument grade audio spectrum analyzer *Comprehensive monitoring and control *Extensive logging of all events *Presets and easy transmitter control
  • 100% Remote Access: No matter where you are, you’re only moments away from ensuring your transmitter is operating optimally. Open a web browser on your computer or smart phone (that supports Flash, VNC or VPN), enter your transmitter’s IP address and password and you’re connected. 100% of the local display functionality is available on web-enabled devices. Whether your troubleshooting issues at the transmitter site or making last minute changes to your programming, it can all be done remotely.
  • SNMP Support: The AUI also supports Simple Network Management Protocal (SNMP), a network protocal that allows network management systems or a network operations center (NOC) to monitor network-attached transmitters
  • IP AUDIO I/O: The VS Series are the first transmitters ever to implement Axia’s Livewire Studio to Transmitter Audio over IP Workflow. The result is a seamless digital IP audio path from a host of Livewire compatible devices directly into a Nautel transmitter ensuring outstanding audio purity via a CAT 5 cable. If you stream your station on SHOUTcast you can even use it as an input should your STL fail.
  • USB Hard Drive or Memory Stick Automation: When you add this much intelligence and IP I/O to a transmitter you’ll be amazed by what you can do. Nautel added a USB port so that you can connect a megabyte or even a terrabyte of local storage. Use the storage to store content or even load up the songs and content using the VS internet connection. Once you have audio loaded it can become part of the automated back up audio capability should all other connections fail.
  • New Playlist and Automation Functionality : If you think the local audio storage mentioned above sounds interesting you’ll want keep your eye on soon to be released VS Series playlist and scheduler capability. From your office or anywhere for that matter you can set up basic automation capabilities to playout audio or insert local content. It’s like putting part of the studio inside the transmitter. Stay tuned for more capability in the VS by way of something we call Push Radio that can help satellite connected stations slash costs and provide more local content.
  • Proven Reliability and Ease of Ownership: Every rugged and reliable VS Series transmitter is the result of years of Nautel design expertise and is crafted completely within Nautel’s North American manufacturing facilities. Compact, value-optimized packaging, easy-to-access washable air filters, published parts lists and screw driver replacable power FETS make living with your VS transmitter easy for years to come. Join the growing ranks of over 2,000 customers who have deployed VS Series transmitters and learn why Nautel transmitters and support are counted on for decades of service.
  • Specifications:
  • Transmitter Type FM Broadcast, 100% solid state
  • Configuration One power amplifier with one switching power supply One pre-amplifier with one switching power supply Integrated exciter/controller
  • RF Load VSWR 1.5:1 - Automatic power reduction into higher VSWR Protected from open and short circuits at all phase angles
  • RF Frequency Range 87 MHz to 108 MHz in 10kHz steps No tuning required
  • Spurious and Harmonic Meets or exceeds all FCC/IC/CE requirements
  • Exciter Integrated analog FM exciter using direct-to-channel digital modulation Built-in RDS encoder, SCA encoder and Stereo generator
  • Audio Sources AES, Analog L/R, Composite, Audio Player (IP stream/USB) Up to four audio sources may be enabled with priority levels
  • Audio Player Inputs Ethernet connection (IP audio stream): Shoutcast, RTP, Livewire USB drive (Audio files): MP3, PCM
  • Audio Backup Automatic failover to backup audio source in the event that main audio source becomes unavailable
  • Digital or Analog Stereo Input 80 dB below 100% modulation (reference 400 Hz, measured in 22 Hz to 22 kHz bandwidth with 75 μs de-emphasis and DIN 'A' weighting)
  • Monaural Digital/Analog or Wideband Composite Operation 90 dB below 100% modulation (reference 400 Hz, measured in 22 Hz to 22 kHz bandwidth with 75 μs de-emphasis and DIN 'A' weighting
  • Voltage 110 V ac to 264 V ac, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption Analog 484 W at 300 W RF output (510 VA) typical -20dB hybrid mode 617 W at 290 W RF output (650 VA) typicsl -14dB hybrid mode 474 W at 180 W RF output (499 VA) typical -10dB hybrid mode 400 W at 120 W RF output (421 VA) typical
  • Power Factor Unity Power Factor Corrected (typically 0.95)
  • Power Line Harmonics IEEE 519-1992
  • SNMP Allows VS Series to be set up as part of a network and monitored remotely via a single control point
  • Streaming audio Broadcast streaming audio sources such as Shoutcast, Livewire and RTP
  • Remote AUI Remotely connect to a VS transmitter via Nautel's Advanced User Interface. Remote connectivity allows for setting of operating parameters and viewing the transmitter status from any web enabled device.
  • E-mail notification Automatically receive e-mail notifications when an alarm has been activated.
  • Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio Better than 60 dB below reference carrier with 100% amplitude modulation using 75 μs de-emphasis (no FM modulation present)
  • Synchronous AM S/N Ratio Better than 50 dB below reference carrier with 100% amplitude modulation using 75 μs de-emphasis
  • Local Interface (front panel LCD) Presets Logs Status (meters and active alarms)
  • Status Tricolor LED's for summary status functions
  • Remote Interface (AUI) Software upgrades Presets Remote I/O setup Logs Status (meters and active alarms)
  • Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C Derate 3°C per 500 m above sea level (2°C per 1000 ft)
  • Humidity Range 0% to 95% non-condensing
  • Altitude 0 m to 3000 m (0 ft to 10,000 ft)
  • Cooling Air Requirements 119 m3/hr (70 cfm)
  • Dimensions Open ventilation configuration: W = Standard 19" (48.3 cm) EIA rack [minimum opening of 17.5" (44.5 cm)] H = 2 RU = 3.5" (7.7 cm) D = Dependent upon connector type (not including handles) Type 'N' = 24.6" (62.5 cm) 7/16 DIN = 24.7" (62.7 cm)
  • Weight 10.4 kg (23 lbs) Audio Player setup Audio spectrum analyzer Audio levels
  • *Please consult a broadcast engineer/BSW to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.