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Myat 301-004



20 ft. 3-1/8" Rigid Line, Unflanged

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For over 50 years, broadcasters have relied on proven MYAT rigid transmission line systems and components. BSW is a full-line MYAT dealer and we can help you select the right MYAT products for your application. Just call and talk to your knowledgeable sales representative today.

The MYAT manufacturing process begins with careful materials selection. MYAT uses only the purest copper and silver. Designers work with the latest generation CAD/CAM software and most advanced machining equipment to insure precise results. Then every rigid line section and component is thoroughly inspected and tested before it's released for shipment. This high level of quality assurance is recognized by RF design engineers of the U.S. Navy who specify MYAT components for their most advanced airborne radar systems.

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301-004 is a: Unflanged line assembly of customer specified length, 20' typical, 3 1/8" 50 ohm. Includes outer conductor and inner conductor assembly, no connector or hardware. Approx. Wt. 2.5 lbs per foot. Specify length in inches.

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