Mackie MC Extender Pro



8-Fader Control Surface Extension For MCUPRO


Waistlines keep expanding, so why not your DAW control?

The Mackie Control Extender Pro control surface extension gives you easy expansion of the MCU Pro. You can add eight precision Penny + Giles faders and V-Pot channels at a time - up to 24 faders and V-Pot channels total if you use three Extender Pros - by way of MIDI ports supplied by the MCU Pro.

• Proprietary Mackie communication protocol for seamless software integration by DAW makers

• Eight 100mm touch-sensitive optical Penny + Giles motorized faders

• Multi-function V-Pots for fast control of panning, effects levels and more

• Channel mute, solo, pan, send level and record arm functions

• Full meter display with track names and parameters


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