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Lectrosonics DM84



8x4 Digital Audio Matrix Mixer

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The Lectrosonics DM84 is an 8-in, 4-out digital matrix processor that can route any combination of inputs to any combination of outputs with extremely low throughput latency. Automatic microphone mixing is accomplished via a patented Adaptive Proportional Gain algorithm. Sophisticated filtering is offered on each input and output. A compressor is available on each input, a compressor and limiter on each output. In addition, each input and output can be configured with a delay setting of up to 100 ms for inputs, 250 ms for outputs. The DM84 runs on the latest-generation DSP architecture and can be integrated as part of a larger system by connecting other DM units via the Digital Audio Network Interface (DANI) bus.

The DM84 has enhanced expandability - up to a limit of three, combining multiple DM84 units expands not only the number of the mic inputs, but also the number of distinct outputs/mix busses in the system. Stacking 2 units creates a 16x8 mixing matrix; stacking 3 units creates a 24x12 mixing matrix. While individual outputs/mix busses are normally treated as independent NOM busses for microphone mixing, the DM84's "phantom" mix mode capability allows multiple mix busses to be combined into a single NOM bus for mix-minus sound reinforcement applications.

The DM84 offers eight mic/line inputs with four mic/line outputs; switchable phantom power to handle condenser microphones; programmable front-panel control knobs for easy input and output gain adjustment; front panel indicators for input and output channel activity; and auto mic mixing with Proportional Gain and AutoSkew. The unit is AMX and CRESTRON compatible with USB and RS-232 interfaces for setup and control. Also, a programmable I/O interface allows control using contact closures or voltage levels as well as system status monitoring.

• 8-in/4-out digital matrix architecture

• Stackable with enlarged matrix up to 24-in/12-out

• Front panel level controls with activity LEDs

• 6 filters plus compressor on each input

• 9 filters plus compressor/limiter on each output

• USB and RS-232 interfaces for setup and control

• Fully balanced audio signal flow through entire system

• Digital I/O ports for connection to other LecNet 2 devices

• Proportional gain auto mixing algorithm with AutoSkew

• Simultaneous LecNet2 and Third-Party control

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