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Kintronic Labs FMCO.5B



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Kintronic Laboratories' Isocouplers provide versatility to existing AM radiating elements by allowing for installation of transmit-receive antennas without disrupting AM antenna characteristics.

• Installs at the base of AM tower.
• Permits installation of broadcast antenna and connecting line..
• Will handle full 500 W (1000 W) at operation at 150 - 699 MHz
• Effect on base input impedance neglibible for most single radiators or directional elements (less than 100 uuf shunting capacity).
• Transmission line may be fastened to tower for its full length, permitting tower to operate with normal radiation characteristics.
• Adds 20 dB or more attenuation at second harmonic to attain high level reduction of interference to low level TV signals (meets FCC standards).
• Weatherproof enclosure, compact construction.

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