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Juice Goose RX100-RM



Rack Mounted Power Conditioner 15 amps, 8 outlets

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The Juice Goose RX100-RM offers ultra clean power and protection against AC line surges and spikes as well as in-wall wiring faults. Hybrid Filter Technology reduces high frequency noise and high energy surges both on normal (line - neutral) and common (neutral - ground) mode paths.

The Hybrid Filter design in the RX100-RM includes a differential transformer, lots of filtering capacitance and control circuitry providing protection from dangerous surges, high frequency interference, building wiring faults and over voltage. RX technology delivers performance enhancement and protection comparable to an isolation transformer but at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the space.

This Juice Goose power protection technology is particularly valuable because it works against common mode as well as normal mode events. While common mode surges and disturbances don't typically cause catastrophic damage, they can result in operating failures and improper performance of digital processing equipment. Compared with the low operating voltage of processor logic, a power anomaly of even 1 or 2 volts on data lines or logic ground can cause problems. That's why the RX100-RM is designed to have a voltage surge let through of only 1/2 volt between neutral and ground.

The Hybrid Filter also protects against more dramatic events. Connected equipment is safe from surges up to 6,000 volts at 3,000 amps on hot, neutral and ground.

The sturdy, Tour Class chassis of the Juice Goose RX100-RM is built for an exceptionally long service life. It features a unibody construction, with the front, bottom and back formed from a single piece of magnetic shielded, cold rolled steel. The reinforced mounting brackets are attached to the chassis in eight places.

Eight AC outlets provide ample connection opportunity, including unswitched outlets on the front and back of the chassis. The 12-foot power cord enables use at a greater distance from power sources.

$489.00 $543.00
You save $54.00

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  • Juice Goose RX100-RM Specifications:
  • Transient Energy Absorption (Joules): 1020
  • Maximum Applied Surge Current (Amps): 3000
  • Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Voltage: 6000
  • Let Through Surge Voltage (Volts): N-G: 0.5; L-N: 10
  • Common Mode (N - G) Interference Filter: 300kHz: 77dB; 1MHz: 80dB; 10MHz: 80dB; 30MHz: 80dB
  • Normal Mode (L-N) Interference Filter: 300kHz: 56dB; 1MHz: 60dB; 10MHz: 60dB; 30MHz: 60dB
  • Voltage: 120VAC, 60 Hz
  • Maximum Current Load: 15 Amps
  • Power Cord Length: 12 feet
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Plug Connection: NEMA 5-15P
  • Receptacle Connection: NEMA 5-15R (Eight)