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24-track Recorder w Balanced I/O

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The JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER captures live sound onto a regular USB2 disk in industry standard BWAV files for immediate use in your Digital Audio Workstation. It provides 24 tracks of audio recording directly onto a removable USB2 disk drive that can be immediately plugged into your Digital Audio Workstation after the gig. The simple user interface allows the live engineer to concentrate on the live mix knowing that the capture of the performance is secure.

The BLACKBOX RECORDER with Balanced I/O (BBR1-B) adds the ability to capture your performance from a mixing console with balanced audio insert points or balanced group outputs.

The BBR1-B uses the lower three 25 way female D-type connectors as balanced inputs and the upper three 25 way female as balanced outputs. The BBR1-B loops the inputs directly to the outputs via relays when in record or stop so that even a power failure on the BBR cannot affect the audio through the PA.

The Balanced I/O interface uses high quality balancing receivers and transmitters and has been designed specifically for the BLACKBOX RECORDER to be fully transparent.

• 24 channels of balanced inputs

• 24 channels of balanced outputs

• 24 track audio recorder

• Virtual Sound Check Facility

• 24bit/96kHz conversion

• Simple User interface

• Zero Latency

• Inputs routed directly to output during record via relay for safety against power failure

• Keyboard input for naming tracks and songs

• Data entry wheel for navigating menus and making adjustments

• MIDI Machine Control (MMC)

• AES / SPDIF word clock

• Linear time code (LTC) & MIDI time code

• SONY PII (9-pin) control

• Records to standard USB2 drive in BWF format, instant import into DAW

• Multiple BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained for really large multi-track recordings

• Uses standard I/O cables

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