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JK Audio That1



Telephone Handset Audio Tap

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Connect THAT-1 between your telephone and handset for quick access to audio in and out of the telephone. The THAT-1 is used by radio stations to record and play sound bytes, and by computer and telephone companies to demonstrate their computer voice services using a powered speaker.

Simply unplug the handset coily cord from the base of your telephone and plug it directly into the THAT-1. Then, using the supplied cable, connect the THAT-1 back to the telephone. Now connect your audio equipment or powered speaker using the RCA jacks. The grey pushbutton selects which audio will be sent into the telephone (OUT = talking on the handset, IN = sending audio in through the RCA jack). The output RCA jack contains a nice mix of the audio from both sides of the conversation, as well as the tones being pressed on the keypad. The volume control adjusts the volume of the signal going to your powered speaker or tape recorder.

The THAT-1 will work with many different types of analog and digital PBX and ISDN telephones. The receive side of the THAT-1 (audio From Phone), will work on any telephone. To send audio into the telephone (To Phone), the telephone must have an electret type microphone in the handset. If your telephone has a round mouthpiece, or if you intend to use this product on many different telephones, you should consider our model THAT-2 which is compatible with a variety of telephone systems.

THAT-1 does not work with cordless or cell phones, or any telephone with a keypad in the handset.

•Works with analog telephones, digital, PBX, and ISDN telephones

•RCA input and output

•Use the THAT-1 to get audio in and out of a sound card

•Get presentation-quality audio using a powered speaker or PA system

•No battery or AC adapter needed

•Durable aluminum construction

$141.89 $150.00
You save $8.11

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