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Telephone Audio Interface B-Stock

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This unique hybrid works with your telephone to give you more control over interview recording and playback. The Inline Patch is a little box that connects between the base of an analog or cordless telephone and the wall jack. You can continue to talk on the phone and get access to audio on both sides of the call. The unit’s two back-to-back hybrids give you complete control of audio from both sides of the call. Audio input jacks let you mix sound bites or music into your conversation. One stereo output jack provides your voice on one channel and the caller's voice on the other channel. A second output jack contains a mix of both voices.

The Inline Patch can also be used as a simple phone-line hybrid coupler. The Off Hook/Norm switch lets you seize a phone line without using a telephone. This switch can be remote-controlled with a simple contact closure

• Works with analog or cordless telephones, or with PBX systems through a data/modem jack (if available) and a second, analog phone.

• Balanced XLR input and output jacks.

• 1/8"/3.5 mm mini stereo output jack, caller on left channel, local voice on right channel.

• 2nd mini output jack with caller and local voice combined on both channels.

• Mini input jack sends signal to phone line.

• Mini jack input for remote on-hook/off-hook selection with simple contact closure.

• Front panel separation control fine tunes voice separation.

• 20 dB nominal separation of phone line transmit/receive audio.

• Size: 6" x 4.75" x 1.65" (15.3 x 12.1 x 4.2 cm)

$99.98 $270.00
You save $170.02

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