HME DX121 System with BP200 Beltpack



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Powerful and Versatile

The DX121 System is a highly versatile system that can be plugged directly into the headset jack of any popular intercom station or a four-wire device such as a digital matrix intercom. Up to four remote COMMUNICATORS® can be used to support wireless intercom requirements on a DX121 system.

Spectrum Friendly™ technology allows up to eight DX121’s to be used together to support multiple-channel applications. Its built-in remote COMMUNICATOR® battery charger will cost-effectively support a one-to-one system and when required, will operate on the charged battery for power outages and glitches. The DX121 can be easily expanded and is compatible with the entire HME DX200 and DX100 series of digital wireless intercom products and accessories.

The super compact design makes it convenient for travel and storage. The DX121 can be used to support wireless channels for theatrical and live crew events, broadcast control room operators, technical support crews and for connecting remote staff at large venues, as well as for tactical use by emergency responders

DX121 System (without headset) contains: Catalog No. CZ11465
  • 1 BS121 Base Station
  • 1 BP200 Beltpack
  • 1 Beltpack Pouch
  • 2 BAT41 Battery Li-ion Rechargeable
  • 1 DX121 HS-XLR4F Interface Cable
  • 1 12VDC 60W Power Supply (100/240VAC Universal)
  • 1 115VAC Power Cord
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