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Heil Sound RC35



PR35 Wireless Capsule


Upgrade your wireless handheld microphone. Replace your mic element with the rich, warm Heil sound! The new RC35 contains the 1.5" large dynamic element of the PR35 which produces a wide frequency response, natural vocal articulation and high rear rejection from the sides and rear.

The Heil replacement capsules (RC22 or RC35) are interchangeable with any of the screw-on-type handheld transmitters that receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm. Some handheld transmitters have a .035 inch hexagonal-head set screw to secure the microphone capsule. If your transmitter has that, loosen the set screw in the handle of the microphone-transmitter before attempting to unscrew the original capsule.

Special attention has been paid to the phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind the source. It then enters them out of phase thus producing a very linear cardioid pattern. This reduces the proximity effect while achieving the extreme articulation across its smooth 40 Hz- 18 kHz frequency response. The Heil RC35 element can be used in extreme high sound pressure levels and produces a beautifully smooth audio response.


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