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HDVmixer FULL Video Package



Full Size - Visual Radio Package

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Nowadays audiences demand visual content even from radio stations. HDVMixer allows broadcasters to produce appealing professional video content effortlessly. Visual radio thought as a TV studio inside a radio station is cumbersome and a barely profitable approach. The HDVMixer Visual Radio solution is what broadcasters have been dreaming of.

Filling the gap between video content production and radio broadcast operations. Built-in multiviewer, video switcher, character generator, video streaming encoder, video recorder, social media integration, video ad replacement, and more. No need to increase the station’s payroll: 'per show' video automation rules, video scenes are triggered using 20+ possible parameters (including video camera tracking that follows hot mics)

HDVMixer is an add-on video server which runs separately from the station’s radio automation system. Situational awareness and video automation are accomplished via HDVMixer’s SmartCAM interface box; providing the studio with: 8x audio console mic fader status input(GPI) 6x microphone (post preamp) audio level meter 3rd party radio automation software metadata input HDVMixer is compatible with most radio automation solutions in the market including: Enco, Dalet, FLEX, RCS and WideOrbit.

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  • HDV Full Package Includes:
  • HDV Full Package Includes:
  • 4 AViPAS AV-1080 PTZ HD-SDI studio cameras.
  • 1 HDV-WSN4SDI high performance video server with 4 HD-SDI inputs, balanced/digital stereo audio input/output
  • 1 HDV-A+ on-air plus license
  • 1 SmartCAM-876 6ch interface connects to audio console faders and microphone audio level meters (included with HDV-A+ license)
  • 1 USB 64 button controller for manual visual preset triggering (included with HDV-A+ license)
  • 1 HDV-R Remote control license to operate video functionalities from talent/producer laptop
  • *Annual Software renewal after first year
  • Main Features:
  • Flexible Video Input - 3 through 9 video sources (multiple formats).
  • Built-in Video Encoder - Streams directly to your favorite CDN.
  • Multi-CDN Capable - Streams to multiple CDNs simultaneously.
  • Embedded Video Transcoder - Simultaneous 720p, 480p, 320p streaming.
  • HD Video Program Output - Feeds cable TV, DTV networks, studio TVs.
  • Video Call Integration - Captures call video (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc).
  • Video Call Integration - Captures call video (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc).
  • Social Media Integration - Twitter feeds & Instagram overlays.
  • On Screen News Crawl - Updated automatically via RSS feed.
  • RTMP Video Feed - External RTMP streams can be used as video sources.
  • PTZ Camera Automation - PTZ presets trigger recorded movement sequences.
  • Remote PC Desktop Grabber - Grab any PC screen in real-time via WiFi.