ERI 100A-4F



Low Power Circularly Polarized FM Antenna - 4 Bay - 2 kW

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The ERI 100A Series antenna is the latest development in ERI's acclaimed ROTOTILLER style FM antenna. 100A Series antennas are specially designed for non-pressurized, translator and low power FM applications.

This antenna, the 100A-4F, offers four bays, 1.92 power gain, 2.833 dB gain, full (one wave length) bay to bay spacing and a 2kW power rating. Click


Mounting brackets and attachment hardware suitable for round members up to a 4-inch diameter are included. Optional stand-off pole mounting brackets and antenna input jumper cables are also available.

100A Series antennas are also available in half wave length bay to bay configurations (HW) that will limit RFI problems by reducing downward and upward radiation.

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  • ERI 100A Series Features:
  • FM Translator and low power FM applications
  • Circular polarization
  • Light weight and low wind load design
  • Economically priced
  • ERI 100A-4F Features:
  • 1.92 power gain
  • 2.833 dB gain
  • Input: 7-16 DIN Female
  • Input feed configuration: Branch
  • 2kW power rating
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Weight with half-inch of ice: 225 lbs.