Radio Automation Software License for Servers

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DAD Server is a set of tools that run on your server environment, incorporating a number of back-end applications to make your station run smoother, make your workflow more efficient and essential tools and processes available from multiple locations all at the same time. You don’t need a full Windows Server to run DAD Server, a simple workstation is all you need.

DAD is a complete playout solution scalable from the largest multinational television or radio broadcast application to small closed circuit systems found in professional sports venues. DAD is a third generation software system built upon ENCO’s proven and widely accepted family of products in use at thousands of facilities worldwide. Running on standard off-the-shelf PC hardware, DAD’s complete toolkit allows broadcasters to implement an audio delivery and automation system that precisely meets their needs. Combining rich functionality of multiple reproducers or “players” and recorders, flexible array panels and user defined hot keys, DAD enables broadcasters to optimize performance for their specific requirements. It provides a platform for integrating the many sources of content flowing into today’s modern broadcast environment including news, traffic, weather, scheduling as well as reconciliation to billing and corporate information systems. DAD is available as software only, or as a turnkey system delivered with ENCO’s tested and proven hardware configurations.

$2,807.81 $2,995.00
You save $187.19

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  • Main Features:
  • Handles audio delivery from full automation to totally live on-air operation
  • Includes our 4th Generation Live Assist Interface
  • Ensure accurate playout of commercial spots
  • Rapidly perform simple edits to fit time constraints
  • Utilizes the latest standard hardware components for total flexibility
  • Create “live sounding” automated formats quickly and easily
  • Integrate news, traffic, weather and other sources into a single activation screen
  • Remote operations quickly produce the right content, at the right place at the right time
  • Scaleable to meet your needs now, and the flexibility to address future requirements as needed
  • Why choose ENCO DAD Radio Automation?
  • USER FRIENDLY: Award winning Presenter interface for live assist playout. Fast paced changes easily made on the fly. Easy to learn intuitive architecture.
  • POWERFUL ENGINE: Run 20 simultaneous playlists from a single workstation. Build custom commands to control just about anything. DAD Integrates into almost any environment. Supports SQL.
  • SCALABLE DESIGN: Whether you need a single workstation or 100, a DAD system can be designed to fit your needs now and into the future. Low minimum hardware requirements.
  • PERFORMANCE ORIENTED: DAD is built for speed and reliability. Searches happen almost instantaneously, content changes are shared with all clients in real time.
  • EASY INTEGRATION: Supports all modern audio routing and console systems, traffic/billing suites and music scheduling software suites.