Electrovoice RE50NDB



Omnidirectional Neodymium Microphone

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The Electro-Voice RE50N/D-B shock-mounted, dynamic omnidirectional microphone is built with the same rugged design as the RE50, but features a "DynaDamp" shock mount for greater ruggedness and isolation, and a new neodymium magnet structure to provide increased sensitivity. Ideal for handheld broadcast and sound reinforcement applications, the RE50N/D-B is built for superior isolation from mechanically induced noise. Within the microphone's machined-aluminum outercasing, a shock mount surrounds the high-mass internal acoustic chamber and microphone element, resulting in a degree of isolation unprecedented in an omnidirectional dynamic microphone. The microphone's diaphragm permits a very smooth response over a wide frequency range, and is protected from dust and magnetic particles by a carefully designed integral windscreen and blast filter, which also provides excellent protection from wind noise, excessive sibilance and annoying "P-popping". The microphone's durable grille is designed to bounce back to its original shape when bumped or dropped. Included are a black stand adapter and a zippered, vinyl carrying pouch.

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  • Features:
  • 80 Hz-13 kHz frequency response; 7.75" long and 9.5 oz.; output level (0 dB = 1 mW Pascal): -51 dB.