Electrovoice RE320 Package


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This exclusive BSW package saves you a ton off list on the Electro-Voice RE320, Electro-Voice 309A shockmount, BSW RE320POP custom pop filter and BSW-BMC-20 broadcast mic cable.

The Electro-Voice RE320 is a professional quality dynamic microphone boasting extremely low noise and the highest level of predictable tonal and transient response.

Ideal for capturing voice and a wide variety of electric and acoustic instrument sources, the RE320 delivers superb detail, dynamic content and natural tonal performance. Its unique dual voicing switch selects from two response curves, making the RE320 essentially two microphones in one. One switch position delivers voice, electric and acoustic instruments with a lively, yet natural tonal response, while the other switch position delivers a curve designed specifically for kick drums. For more information on the RE320, click here.

Electro-Voice RE320 Features:
• Variable-D pattern proximity control minimizes positional and off-axis tonal shifts
• Integrated hum-bucking coil and integral pop filters provide virtually noiseless performance
• Neodymium magnet structure creates higher output with faster transient response and greater high-frequency detail
• Unique dual-voicing switch selects from two response curves
• Extremely durable build, fit and finish

The Electro-Voice 309A is a high-quality suspension shockmount built specifically for the Electro-Voice RE20 and RE27N/D microphones. It's designed to interface with all common studio mic arms. Find out more about the 309A by clicking here.

The BSW RePop 320 is made specifically for the Electro-Voice RE320 microphone. Its fine mesh metal screen diminishes undesirable P-Popping while keeping the integrity of the high-end frequency response. The RePop clamps easily and securely to the microphone and will work in conjunction with the EV 309A shockmount. Robust metal construction and the color is matched to the microphone. Find out more by clicking on here.

With this package you also get the BSW-BMC-20, a 20-foot, balanced mic cable specially designed for broadcast microphones featuring Neutrik XLR connectors (with a 90-degree male connector for a sleeker look on large broadcast microphones). You can get more details by clicking here.

$349.99 $759.00
You save $409.01

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