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Electrovoice RE27ND



Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

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The Electro-Voice RE27N/D is a professional-quality dynamic cardioid microphone designed for broadcast production announce and voice-over, high-quality recording and sound reinforcement applications.

The RE27N/D utilizes a revolutionary neodymium-alloy magnet and a reinforced diaphragm dome, a combination offering increased sensitivity (up to 6-dB more output), undistorted output at high sound pressure levels and an extended high-frequency response. The exceptional sensitivity of the RE27N/D, excellent transient response and inherently low noise of the dynamic transducer, all combine to ensure a superior signal-to-noise ratio, easily comparable to the finest condenser cardioid microphones. To further reduce noise, a highly effective hum-bucking coil is used to attenuate hum from lighting and other sources. The RE27N/D’s continuously Variable-D‚ design reduces bassboosting “proximity effect” to maintain a uniform low-frequency response, up-close or at a distance.

Two easily operated bass roll-off switches, offering a sharp low-frequency cut at 200 Hz or a gentle roll-off, are available for special situations where bass attenuation is required. A third switch is available for reducing the high-frequency treble boost.

The true, uniform cardioid polar pattern of the RE27N/D offers the greatest rejection at 180° off axis, insuring superior gain-beforefeedback. An integral blast and wind filter covers each acoustic opening on the RE27N/D, allowing “close-talk” situations with no worry of “P-pop,” breath sounds or excessive sibilance. Part of the filter also shock mounts the internal microphone transducer, reducing the transfer of vibration from external sources. This shock-mount system along with the extremely rugged exterior steel casing allows the RE27N/D to withstand all the rigors of professional use.

$499.00 $700.00
You save $201.00

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  • Electro-Voice RE27N/D Features:
  • Variable-D reduces proximity effect to maintain uniform low frequency response at any distance
  • Three switchable filters: one high frequency, two low frequencies
  • Internal blast/wind filter cover reduces P-popping, breath sounds and excessive sibilance
  • Excellent off-axis rejection
  • Stand clamp included