Electrovoice PL37



Overhead Condenser Mic

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The PL37 is a tight cardioid condenser microphone designed to deliver all of the crisp detail of cymbals, high-hats and percussion instruments to any size sound reinforcement system or recording studio. With its frequency response voiced for overhead drum set and percussion miking, it delivers all of the “dialed-in” tone and percussive transient response detail professional drummers and sound system engineers require. Its tight cardioid polar pattern minimizes off-axis information from nearby stage instruments entering the capsule, to give you r a clean drum set sound and higher gain before feedback.

Although designed to be an overhead drum set and percussion microphone, the PL37 can also be used as an acoustic instrument microphone in applications where a condenser element capsule is desired. It comes with a stand adapter with Euro-thread insert and a soft zippered gig bag. Requires phantom power.

• High-output self-biased condenser element

• Voiced for overhead cymbals, high-hat and percussion

• Crisp frequency response

• Fast transient response

• Tight cardioid polar pattern for isolation

• Superb rejection of off-axis information

• 50 Hz - 16 kHz frequency response

$90.26 $117.00
You save $26.74

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