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Ecreso AIO 600W FM Transmitter Perform Package



AiO series Ecreso FM 600W - Perform Package

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We understand the complexity in choosing the right broadcast transmitter - one that is reliable, easy to deploy, feature-rich, and cost-competitive.

All packs are designed to help you meet your different broadcasting needs while benefiting from the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

By choosing Ecreso for your FM broadcasting, you join a community of passionate radio broadcasters, who are on-air at 10,000+ sites worldwide.

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  • AIO Package Main Features:
  • Essentials - THE ENTRY LEVEL:
  • Digital FM exciter (with FSK ID)
  • Analog audio & MPX input
  • Audio & MPX over AES input
  • Web GUI
  • Notifications via e-mail & SNMP
  • Wide band sound processor
  • Audio backup with uSD card
  • IceCast streaming input
  • Silence detection
  • Intelligent input switching
  • Scheduler
  • Analog GPIO
  • KYBIO cloud monitoring, 1 year
  • SmartFM, 3-month FREE trial
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes all the features from ESSENTIALS +
  • Dynamic RDS
  • Surge protector
  • 5-band sound processor or APT IP Decoder
  • 4-year warranty
  • Extreme - ALL INCLUSIVE:
  • Includes all the features from PERFORM +
  • Full RDS (UECP compatible)
  • 5-band sound processor
  • APT IP Decoder
  • SmartFM license
  • 10-year warranty