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DM Engineering SE1822

DM Engineering


Sage Endec Remote Interface


The DME 1822 Interface and Remote Control Modules comprise a low cost microprocessor based system to remotely activate the Sage Endec Model 1822 or digital 3644 E.A.S. Encoder/Decoder. The interface module by itself allows for transmission of the RWT, (Required Weekly Test), by a simple contact closure such as an Automation System or a pushbutton. When coupled with the supplied Remote Control Module, one may initiate the RWT and/or relay a pending alert such as an RMT from a remote location such as a studio or control room. Rather than entering a lengthy series of button pushes, passwords and menu choices, the user now needs only press 2 buttons simultaneously on the Remote Control and the function is initiated.

LED indicators are provided on the Remote Control to assist the operator at the remote location. An "Alert Pending" LED flashes when an alert such as an RMT is pending, and whenever the proper buttons are pushed to initiate either the RWT, or to relay the pending alert, a green "Sending Data" LED is activated to indicate that data is being transmitted to the Endec . Modular jacks are provided for interfacing the modules using the supplied 50 ft. connecting cable. Protection for operation in RF environments is incorporated in the design.

Installation is simple, and a minimal one time programming session of the Endec is all that is required. The interface module is connected to a "COM" port on the rear of the Endec and 2 wires are connected to the "Decoder Active" terminals on the Endec. A modular 50 ft cable connects the Remote Control to the Interface Module. All power requirements for the Interface Module and the associated Remote Control are supplied by the Endec through the DB9 connector.


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