Digital Alert Systems R198



LAN/Direct Audio Convertor/Switch

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The Digital Alert Systems Model R198, handling up to seven functions in one compact unit, is ideal for facilities looking to upgrade their existing analog EAS systems to work in a multichannel AES digital audio world.

With the R198, facilities can convert a stereo analog signal into AES and seamlessly switch it in and out of four other AES program streams (very helpful for older EAS equipment that may not have native AES support or are expanding with more digital program streams).

The R198 provides a simple way to convert any unbalanced stereo audio signal and present it as the common B-side of four independent A/B (2 x1) balanced AES audio channels. Each AES channel uses synchronous electronic switching (easily configured to either 44.1KHz or 48KHz incoming sample rates) assuring glitch-free performance with no pops or clicks for seamless program switching of any AES audio stream. In addition, the separate AES channels feature a fail-safe bypass relay maintaining primary program signal integrity in the event of a power failure.

Each independent AES channel switch is controlled by individual contact closures pulled to ground or a TCP/IP (Ethernet) LAN interface. This enables each channel to be controlled locally by contact closures or remotely over any TCP/IP network, making it simple to wire and easy to use over a network or directly interfaced to other broadcast equipment such as automation or older, legacy EAS gear. And the Master GPI switches all channels simultaneously for simple bank switching.

The R198 features a built-in web server and can be configured and operated from any standard web browser on any standard platform. No special software or cables necessary. The network interface follows the standard Monroe R190A/R197 protocol for 10/100 baseT Ethernet interfacing and can be networked to any Digital Alert Systems' DASDEC or Monroe One-Net for direct control over a network connection.

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  • Digital Alert Systems R198 Features:
  • Standard XLR audio connectors
  • Dual balanced stereo analog audio input
  • Integrated stereo audio distribution amplifier
  • Four (4) independent balanced AES stereo audio switches
  • Independent channel activation by contact closure or network
  • Master contact closure switches all channels simultaneously
  • Direct DASDEC control over network
  • Separate dry contact form “C” relay for each channel
  • Single rack-mounted chassis with integrated power supply
  • 2-year warranty