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    DEVA Radio Explorer III FM

    Radio Explorer III FM is DEVA Broadcasts's most advanced FM coverage survey tool yet. Making the most of their considerable expertise, vast know-how and years of experience, our engineers have...

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    DEVA Radio Explorer I FM

    The Radio Explorer is a multifunctional, easy to use tool, designed to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion and to measure and store all important radio broadcast parameters in a Log file. This is...

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    DEVA DVB Explorer

    DVB Explorer is a new-generation portable analyzer that provides detailed DVB component information. It is perfect for use in the field but what really makes this product one of a kind is the fact...

  • BSW PART: DB8008

    DEVA DB8008

    DEVA’s DB8008 is a flexible and reliable tool, designed by our engineers specifically with the aim of solving one of the most significant problems in the radio industry – the one of...


    DEVA RF2IP Probe

    Description The RF2IP Digital Power Probe is the most cost effective solution on the market for easy monitoring of Forward and Reflected RF Power in a typical directional coupler and combiners...

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    DEVA RF2IP Hub Compact

    DEVA's Compact RF2IP Hub is a compact and elegant solution intended to be used with our RF2IP Digital RF Power Monitoring Probe, which allows you to collect, monitor and store the measurements of a...

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    DEVA RF2IP Hub

    RF2IP Hub is a smart solution developed as a natural addition to our RF2IP Digital RF Power Monitoring Probe, which combines several important functions and allows you to simultaneously collect,...

  • BSW PART: DB9000-STC

    DEVA DB9000-STC

    DB9000-STC is a high-performance, 32bits DSP based Stereo Generator with built-in RDS/RBDS encoder. It has been successfully designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of FM Stereo...

  • BSW PART: DB7002

    DEVA DB7002

    DB7002 is a revolutionary solution that combines in a single, high-precision tool the most important functionalities of two separate types of product. To achieve that, our engineers have equipped...

  • BSW PART: DB35

    DEVA Broadcast DB35

    Compact & Reliable FM Radio Streamer

    Adding an extra dimension to the already extensive DEVA product range, the DB35 is an essential piece of equipment if reliable streaming of the FM signal is required, as this product has been...

  • BSW PART: DB4402-V2

    DEVA Broadcast DB4402-V2

    Dual FM Monitoring Receiver & Radio Streamer V2

      Main Features: Fully DSP based core Built-in Oscilloscope allowing Left, Right and MPX display MPX Power measurement with data history RF Spectrum analyzer allowing to check the RF...

  • BSW PART: DB8009-MPX

    DEVA Broadcast DB8009-MPX

    DEVA’s DB8009-MPX is an exceptional example of a top-notch silence detector that continues the company’s hugely successful range of broadcast tools but at the same time stands apart in...