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*Mic w/Weather Resistant Housing

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Crown PZM security/surveillance mics feature lowprofile design coupled with optimized acoustics. They‘re ideal not just for security but make great install mics for conference recording and general room pickup. Crown PZM/PCC mics prevent phase interference from surface reflections, allowing a wide, smooth response. Excellent for sound reinforcement, conference tables, interviews and more.

The PZM11LLWR is a weather-resistant model designed for outdoor use. A plastic membrane inside the microphone protects the microphone capsule from water damage. The mic mounts in a standard electrical outlet box and has screw-terminal connections. This mic is great for a number of applications - it's the mic you've seen at fast-food drive-up windows, as outdoor intercoms, at toll booths, bridges, theme park security and home automation. Powering is by 12-24V AC or DC.

Indoor-mount mic- and line-level models also available separately (item #PZM11 and PZM11LL).

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