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Comrex SwitchBoard TS


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Comrex Switchboard for audio (formerly known as BRIC TS) is a feature that allows presence notification, status and connection help (NAT Traversal) via a cloud-based service. Switchboard within the hardware codec provides the following functions:

Main Features:
• The ability for Comrex audio codecs to sync with a cloud based server and deliver status information
• The ability for Comrex audio codecs to determine their public IP address and the type of any NAT-style router ahead of the codec, and display that information to the user
• The ability of Comrex audio codecs to display presence, status, NAT info and IP addresses of other codecs within the same fleet
• The ability to share this information with codecs outside the fleet (Shares)
• The ability to take instruction from the server on how best to traverse NATs when placing a call between two codecs

One of the issues that many users of our ACCESS, BRIC-Link and LiveShot codecs are faced with is dealing with IP network firewalls or trying to access their codecs which are on a private Local Area Network or LAN. All IP codecs require an IP address to dial into and just as when you are trying to make a telephone call, if you don't know the number, you can't make the call. But what if the number can only be accessed from inside your building, as with a PBX extension? In order to get to that extension from outside of your building, you have to go through the main switchboard which then would route your call to the person at the extension you are trying to call.

In the case of your IP codec, which might be sitting on a private LAN, the "switchboard" in this case is a router or Network Address Translator, commonly referred to as a NAT. By telling the router to forward all of the incoming traffic on certain data ports to your codec situated on the internal LAN, a codec user outside of your building is able to connect to your codec inside the building. This process is known as "port forwarding" which is also used to configure network firewalls that provide additional security protocols to protect your internal network.

Well, configuring your own network is usually manageable... if your IT guy is in a good mood and if you can get him to help you out with this process. But what if you are on a client site trying to do a remote and your client's IT guy doesn't want to put an "unknown" computer on his network? Or what if you're trying to connect back to your studio from a hotel room using the hotel's high-speed Internet connection?

Switchboard TS is included with our ACCESS and LiveShot products at no charge and is available for purchase as an optional accessory for BRIC-Link. It can be purchased through your favorite Comrex dealer and is sold as a license unlock key which can be applied by the user or remotely from Comrex. Contact your dealer for pricing. Also, ACCESS firmware version 2.5 or later is required on each unit that you want to be Switchboard TS enabled. The most current version of ACCESS firmware is available for download at

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$95.00 $100.00
You save $5.00

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