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Cellular wireless data connections like 3G and 4G LTE have redefined the way remote broadcasts are done. In particular, USB cellular modems make connecting to these networks fast and simple. But many of the off-the-shelf modems offered by the wireless carriers are not designed to meet the rigorous demands of the 24/7 news cycle. The solution? Comrex Connect Modems.

The Comrex Connect Modem is designed to support the unique needs of remote broadcasters. A high-powered, industrial strength 4G LTE modem, the Connect Modem is also 3G* compatible. Outfitted with a high-gain antenna, the Connect Modem is more powerful than most USB data modems available on the market, to handle the heavy data load of a broadcast over IP.

Comrex Connect Modems are available for both LiveShot and ACCESS.

*Liveshot Codec NOT included
*Verizon network does not support 3G services

Main Features:
• Industrial strength; designed for broadcast
• Available for most Comrex IP audio codecs and Comrex LiveShot video codecs
• Unlocked, carrier approved, PTCRB certified
• High gain antenna

$475.00 $500.00
You save $25.00

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