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Coaxial Dynamics 81030



LCD Display Wattmeter in Watts or dBm, 5 W to 1000 W

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The new Model 81030 Average Reading Wattmeter incorporates a large, robust LCD display, a state-of-the-art microcontroller that computes Forward or Reflected RF Power and presents the reading in either Watts or dBm scale. The digital display allows the quickest and most accurate way to read RF Power from up to several feet away. No more confusing crossed needles or tiny print on small meter faces, which can be read inaccurately if viewed from an angle or distance.

The Model 81030 is the latest addition to the 81000 series of Wattmeters and comes complete with an internal 7/8-inch precision Line Section that accepts our popular Quick Match connectors. The Model 81030 is able to accurately measure RF Power from 100 mW to 10 kW over a Frequency Range of 2 MHz to 2.3 GHz using standard 7/8-inch Elements.

The Model 81030 is easy to use. No additional black boxes or delicate remote sensors are needed. Simply connect the Wattmeter in-line between the RF Source and the Antenna or Load utilizing any one of our many standard Quick Match connectors. Type N Female connectors are normally supplied with the Model 81030.

Because of the low power consumption, the internal rechargeable batteries can be used for many hours before recharging, making it well suited for field or portable use. A heavy gauge, all-metal case protects the Wattmeter from impact shock and a real leather strap makes transportation safe and comfortable.

Your confidence in the quality and dependability of the Model 81030 Wattmeter is assured with the Coaxial Dynamics Two Year Limited Warranty.

• Advanced 3/4‚Äù LCD Display

• Watt or dBm Display

• Internal 7/8‚Äù Line Section

• Quick Match Connectors

• Uses Standard Gold Plated Plug-In Elements

• Two Year Limited Warranty

$540.18 $605.00
You save $64.82

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