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CircuitWerkes TRANSCON-16



Bi-directional Contact Closure Transporter

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The CircuitWerkes Transcon-16 bi-directional relay closure transporter easily moves relay or switch contacts anywhere using a standard serial cable or even just a standard balanced audio cable and a couple of Db-9 connectors.

The CircuitWerkes Transcon-16 uses standard serial communications that can be routed over any three conductor cable. One Transcon-16 is required at each end of the cable. Each unit has 16 optically-isolated inputs and sixteen relay outputs on each device. Whenever one of the inputs is grounded, the corresponding relay closes on the second unit. Serial data rates can be switched from 9600b to 1200b for noisy/rugged environments or extremely long runs. Inputs and outputs appear on standard D-25 connectors.

• Sixteen optically isolated inputs

• Sixteen relay closure outputs

• Selectable low speed mode for long runs

• Inhibit inputs for disabling specific contacts

• Accepts standard or null modem connection

$289.47 $320.00
You save $30.53

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