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Phone Line Monitor/Coupler

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The CircuitWerkes TelTap is a versatile and inexpensive phone line monitor and manual coupler. Once connected to a standard RJ-11 plug, the user has a choice of seizing the phone line or just tapping the line. The TelTap can be used to either send or receive audio regardless of which mode is selected. Internal jumpers let you choose how the TelTap operates. You can set the second phone port to automatically disconnect whenever the TelTap is in the line seize mode. You can also choose to never tap the line, only seize the line. A ring LED indicates the presence of an incoming call when there is no audible ringer making the TelTap a good choice for both studio and field work. A mute switch disconnects the audio port when silence is required.

• Can be used as a phone tap or a manual telehone coupler

• Send or receive telephone audio

• Incoming ring LED visually shows you when a call is being received

• Can automatically disconnect the second RJ-11 when the line is seized eliminating background noise

• Has a "no tap" mode that lets you use it exclusively as a manual coupler

• Mute Switch disconects all audio to or from the phone line, but leaves the TelTap connected

$102.56 $115.00
You save $12.44

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