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CircuitWerkes REX



Relay Expander

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The CircuitWerkes REX relay expander is a versatile tool for anyone that needs to multiply contact closures in your facility. REX accepts a wide variety of input signals and converts them to contact closure outputs. REX's optocoupled inputs can be driven from active high or low incoming signals. The relays can also be direct driven by changing a jumper.

Each of the six inputs controls four SPST relays for a total of 24 outputs. Inputs can be paralleled to increase the number of simultaneous relay outputs. Each output group has an associated LED indicator for quick visual reference of which outputs are active.

The REX features a 50 pin SCSI (RJ-21) type connector that interfaces easily with prewired telco punchblocks. No more soldering lots of little output connectors! Use the REX for any application where you need to distribute contact closures to multiple pieces of gear.

• Six, optically isolated inputs control 24 output relays

• Outputs appear on 50 pin SCSI (RJ-21) connector for instant connectivity to standard telco punchblocks

• REX buffered inputs can be driven by an active high or low; relays can also be direct driven

• Six rear panel LEDs provide visual confirmation when an output is active

• Front panel LEDs monitor power supplies status and indicate when the unit is active

$197.37 $220.00
You save $22.63

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