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CircuitWerkes MICTEL



Telephone Coupler, Pots Line

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The MicTel replaces the handset of the telephone to provide high-quality audio for feeding and receiving information. For non-telephone work, its balanced, studio quality inputs and outputs make it an excellent audio interface device for all kinds of remote or in-studio work. The aux. audio channel drives the headphones giving you a portable field amplifier with an IFB feed for your headphones in one compact box.

The MicTel includes a line-level, balanced input for mixing in tape players, etc. Along with high quality audio, the MicTel features audio limiters in both the send and receive channel. These limiters are user-defeatable and begin working at about +3dBm of output. The limiter works by automatically reducing the gain of the device during high-output, peak audio thereby preventing clipping, output distortion or overdriving the telephone line.

The MicTel is a great addition to your remote setup. Whether you're doing news/sports actualities, general remote broadcasting, or you just need a great little mini-audio work station for your studio, you'll appreciate the versatile features & performance of the MicTel.

• Outputs for telephone handset, cellular phone or balanced line level at up to +10dBm.

• Audio inputs from phone handset, cell phone or balanced line.

• Program bus is fed by balanced mic preamp and an auxiliary balanced line input.

• Individual gain controls for send, receive and headphones levels.

• High quality, user-switchable, internal limiter prevents clipping.

• Has both 1/4" and 3.5mm stereo headphone/cue jacks.

• Headphone amp has a variable level balanced input and adjustable sidetone so you can monitor an IFB or cue return source AND/OR your program audio.

• Rugged design & Long life potentiometers for extra years of trouble-free broadcasts.

• Industry standard XLR mic and program output connectors.

• External power input with silent, auto-switching battery backup & low battery indicator

• Uses two 9V batteries or the included CircuitWerkes adaptor.

$361.84 $395.00
You save $33.16

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