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The GENr8 is a powerful DTMF tone encoder that can produce either single DTMF tones or can record and play DTMF sequences up to 20 digits long. Its optically isolated inputs can accept contact closures from external switches, relays, or even logic devices. Using the contact closures, you can play single tones, recorded DTMF sequences or even program your GENr8. RS-232 lets you control or program the GENr8 from any PC. A free Windows program makes control and programming incredibly simple, but you can also operate the GENr8 from any terminal program on almost any type of computer. When computer controlled, you can send DTMF sequences with individual spacings and durations.

• Send single DTMF tones or sequences of tones

• Optically isolated inputs work with external contact closures to send tones or program the GENr8

• Active, Balanced, audio input and output lets you mix DTMF with program material without an external mixer

• RS-232 input lets you control the GENr8 from any computer equipped with a serial port and a terminal program

• Windows based user interface for PC users simplifies control and programming

• LED Indicators for Power and Active

$296.05 $320.00
You save $23.95

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