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CircuitWerkes DTMF16


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The CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 remote control is a compact and rugged remote control unit that provides 16 optocoupled outputs using standard TouchTone signals.

The DTMF-16 is excellent for controlling remote satellite receivers, network switching equipment, repeaters, or virtually any application where local control is inconvenient or impossible. Simply connect the DTMF-16's bridging input across an audio line and its outputs will activate whenever a DTMF tone is received. The DTMF-16 is an inexpensive and convenient way to interface many news services to automation systems.

When equipped with the optional Silencer board, the DTMF-16 takes its audio feed directly from your satellite receiver or other source. The audio output of the DTMF-16 feeds program audio to your console or switcher input. The control tones are automatically muted from the audio path. If your program material regularly contains Touch-Tones, CircuitWerkes can custom shift your control tones so that "normal" Touch-Tones pass through without muting.

CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 Features:
• High-current (Darlington) optocoupler outputs
• Sixteen momentary or interlocked latching outputs
• Defeatable beep-tone acknowledges incoming commands
• All outputs are completely isolated from each other and appear on a standard DB-37 connector (mating connector included)
• High impedance, unbalanced bridging input accepts a wide range of input levels
• Built-in anti-falsing circuit eliminates errors when used on program lines and speech circuits
• Selectable, two-tone sequence decoder eliminates errors on program lines and provides a measure of security when used with an autocoupler on dial up lines
• All ICs socketed
• Power supply included
• Two year limited warranty

$290.28 $298.00
You save $7.72

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