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500 Series Microphone Preamp


The Chandler Little Devil Preamp features a switchable mic/line input and a Class A gain stage that's big, yet open and full of life.

You can change just about any parameter of the preamp's sound, including both the Feedback and Bias of the amplifier. The Feedback control increases harmonics thousands of times over the range of the control. The nature of clipping and distortion also changes and ranges from soft Class A clipping to super soft gushy tube type. The sounds range from a very colored and over biased tone to a gently colored and in your face tone.

It also offers High and Low input impedance, a transformer balanced line in (for using it as a color box on mixes or tracks), low cut, bright switch, phantom power and more.

The Little Devil has no power-up issues with lunchboxes and rack systems.


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