Pre Amp /DI

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Hungry for a new sound?

This newly designed preamp/DI uses classic Germanium transistors in all class A, transformer balanced circuits to give you an extensive sonic menu to create with. Running on +40 volt power, high current, with a huge +34 output before clipping, the GERMANIUM-PRE gives new meaning to the word “smooth,” offering a warmth that melts into your tracks like butter, but also having the ability of to deliver a blast of power that would make even the heartiest Beefeater cower behind his tower.

If you need a preamp with more character than the finest English cheddar, make sure you put this one on your shopping list.

• Warm, organic vintage sound

• 48 Volt and Phase Reverse

• Unbalanced DI with 100k input impedance

• Precise Feedback Control

• Dynamic Drive Control

• Ultra-responsive Pad and Thick switches

• VU Meter

Contact BSW for your pricing and shipping!

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