CEntrance Jasmine Preamp



Premium Mic Preamp with Limiter, Mixer and Headphone Amp Our best Mic Preamp yet, with 70 dB of clean gain, optical analog limiter and flexible monitoring options. A portable studio tool that works great in the field, whether you record music, voiceover, film dialogue or ENG. Easily mounts to mic stands, belt packs and boom poles. Removes the need for cloud lifters, works with all dynamic, condenser and ribbon mics. XLR in / XLR out. DI input with Hi-Z for guitar/bass, High pass filter to cut rumble, Softknee Optical Limiter, Output pad. Dimmable LED meter (VU+PPM). Powerful headphone amp + versatile monitor mixer. Allows boom operator to hear producer cue. Allows singer/musician to add background music for practice. Powered by most USB chargers and power banks. Daisy chain with other signal processors in the series.


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  • Main Features:
  • 74dB of Clean Gain
  • Lowest noise: -131 dB (A) EIN
  • Guitar / Bass Input with Hi-Z (DI)
  • Smooth Optical Limiter
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Low-Cut Filter
  • Output Pada Switch
  • Dimmable LED VU Meter
  • Aux In / IFB (mono/stereo)
  • 3 channel mixer
  • USB-C power with thru