CEntrace MicPort Pro (Gen 3)



Portable Mic Preamp with Optical Limiter and USB Audio Interface

MicPort Pro creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for podcasters, journalists, voiceover artists, songwriters and touring musicians. Just plug in your mic (or a musical instrument) and a smartphone/tablet, and record in full fidelity, no matter where you are.

Capture sound anywhere with MicPort Pro - a mobile recording interface for smartphones, tablets and computers. Featuring a long-life rechargeable battery and a boutique, low-noise microphone preamp, and a USB-C recording Interface, it transforms your smartphone into a full-featured, portable recording studio. The Jasmine™Mic preamp comes with a Neutrik Combo XLR jack. It features switchable Hi-Z (guitar/bass) input, High Pass Filter and 48V phantom power. Connect mics or electric instruments, such as guitar or bass. Now on its 3rd Generation, MicPort Pro comes with a super-quiet mic preamp. It features 65 dB of gain and easily supports SM-7, RE-20 and other dynamic mics, in addition to condenser and ribbon mics. The 3rd Generation design improves the headphone amp, giving it extra 6 dB of gain, ideal for recording interviews on busy city streets. The gain pad lets you dial down the level if you are recording in the studio and using IEMs. A unique soft-knee, analog limiter is designed to catch loud peaks and protect your recording from overloads. Our brand new, Musical Optical Limiter and Dual Clipping Protection circuit work together to virtually eliminate audio clipping and distortion. Great not only for recording Voice and overdubs, but also, for streaming live on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram!



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