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Burk Technology Plus-X AC-8



Remote Power Controller

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Your remote site controller's best friend, or perhaps yours!

The Burk Plus-X AC-8 remote outlet controller makes it easy to manage power to 120V equipment at remote locations, allowing remote rebooting of digital gear, without you having to go out there! You can also remotely manage HVAC, lighting and other appliances. The product connects directly to the Burk ARC Plus remote control via Ethernet, or to any remote control (including the ARC16 and GPS3000) using general-purpose inputs. A built-in Web server allows stand-alone remote connectivity.

Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to PCs, servers and other IT equipment, and save wasted drive time when equipment needs a power cycle. Manage facility infrastructure such as HVAC or security lighting, all without wiring equipment to remote control relays. Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to the Burk ARC Plus, interface it with an existing transmitter remote control, or operate it in web-only mode. No matter what you choose, the Plus-X AC-8 offers unmatched versatility.

The Plus-X AC-8 is designed to be the ideal complement to the ARC Plus broadcast remote control. An Ethernet connection to the ARCPLUS allows access to the Plus-X AC-8 via front panel, telephone, AutoPilot Plus software and built-in web server. Combine the Plus-X AC-8 with the power of ARCPLUS macros to implement custom routines for UPS optimization and seamless network recovery after power disruptions.

The Plus-X AC-8 makes on-site work a breeze with push-button control for each outlet. No more searching for power cords when disconnecting or restoring power.

Rear-panel general purpose inputs (GPI) accept contact closures from any remote control, making the Plus-X AC-8 an easy drop-in to any operation. Now you can manage 120V circuits using your existing remote control, with no wiring to the monitored equipment.

• Remotely power cycle and control equipment via AC

• Built-in web control

• Easy local control with front-panel buttons

• Ideal for use with the ARC Plus, easy to integrate with any remote control.

• 100 to 132 VAC, 50/60 Hz

• 8' attached 14/3 grounded power cord

• 15A circuit breaker with reset button

• Eight 15A straight-blade AC outlets; latching, pulse-on, or pulse-off configuration for each outlet

• Dimensions: 1.75" (4.45 cm) H x 19" (48.26 cm) W x 10" (25.4 cm) D

• Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C

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