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Broadcast Tools Silence Sentinel Basic G2



Analog Silence Detector G2

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The Silence Sentinel Basic G2 is an economical stereo/dual mono analog silence sensor designed to monitor any stereo, or two independent monaural, audio sources and generate contact closure alarms when silence is detected but doesn’t include an audio switcher. The stereo/dual mono audio input is balanced and features pluggable screw terminal-block and standard RJ45 audio input connectors wired in parallel for ease of wiring.

$246.05 $259.00
You save $12.95

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  • Main Features:
  • Front panel, remote control, and relay monitoring.
  • Dip-switch selectable silence detection thresholds of -20, -25, -30 and -35dB below zero reference.
  • Dip-switch selectable precise time delay from OFF to 5 minutes in 2 or 20 – second increments; restore delay timing of OFF, 5, 30 and 90 seconds.
  • Two SPDT alarm relays with LED indicators.
  • Removable euroblock-style screw terminal connectors and RJ45 audio input jacks simplify wiring and service.
  • Fully RFI proofed.
  • Surge protected power supply. 9 VDC desktop universal switching power supply with domestic connector supplied.
  • Up to four units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf, using four supplied Velcro feet. Desktop and wall mounting is also possible.