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Broadcast Tools GPI-16-PLUS-RJ



16 GPI inputs to Serial/USB port with RJ45 connections, COA-37 XDS/RJ, 5-24 VDC tolerant GPI’s

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The GPI-16 Plus/RJ interfaces 16 general purpose logic inputs to users PC COM or USB port. The user may select from two pre-programmed serial formats; the “PIP” GPI format, which is used on most of Broadcast Tools switcher, or the legacy AT-1616 format. The GPI-16 Plus/RJ has four RJ45 input connectors and can be connected Broadcast Tools COA-37 XDS/RJ adapter using CAT5 cables.

NOTE: The GPI-16 Plus/RJ and COA-37 XDS/RJ are intended to be used together to provide a simple satellite trigger wiring solution from the satellite receiver to the automation computer.

$274.55 $289.00
You save $14.45

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