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Broadcast Tools COA15RJ



DB-15M to Dual RJ45 Adapter for GPIO xNodes


The Broadcast Tools COA-15/RJ is a DB-15M to RJ45 Breakout Adapter used to convert GPIO xNode General Purpose Outputs (GPOs) to an RJ45 connector. The COA-15/RJ also breaks out the GPIO ports 5 GPIs to their own RJ45 jack for ease of installation. Using the COA-15/ RJ, DB-15M to dual RJ45 adapter you can easily interface the GPO output from a GPIO xNode port with the optional Broadcast Tools Box O’ Relays 6 via standard Cat5/6 cabling converting the port’s 5 GPOs to 5 isolated SPDT dry contact closure outputs on pluggable screw terminal block.


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