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Broadcast Devices SWP200-1T



Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller

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Broadcast Devices SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller is suitable for digital and analog forward- and reflected-power measurements, providing complete control of one to up to four RF switches. It can be interfaced to most four port switches and optionally can be provided with interface cables for most four port switches made. It offers one-button control of four port switches, manages interlock closures and transmitter control in a single rack unit chassis.

The SWP-200 can operate in hands-off, pre-programmed mode, or in manually controlled mode. The SWP-200 also can be used in AM radio applications to control multiple open frame contactors.

This version, SWP-200-1T, includes power meter and single switch controller for two transmitters. Package consists of SWP-200 chassis and associated switch cabling (customer specified 4 port switch type/manufacturer). It is designed for new transmitter installations where D.C. RF samples are available from the transmitter.

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