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Broadcast Devices CTD-300



Composite To AES Converter

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The CTD-300 is the answer to bridging the gap between the analog world and the new digital world of audio. The CTD-300 can convert any base band FM stereo waveform into a pair of AES3 outputs suitable for digital input exciters and other equipment. The unit accepts a standard 3.5 V peak to peak base band signal for decoding to left and right and conversion to AES3 output. The unit can be configured to output de emphasized left and right analog audio too. By simple jumper selection the CTD-300 can be quickly configured to provide AES3 or analog left/right outputs.75 or 50 uS de emphasis is provided or the unit can be configured to pass 75 or 50 uS pre emphasis if the application requires it.

The CTD-300 is factory set to accept the standard 3.5 V peak to peak signal from an analog STL or stereo generator. Base band level adjust is provided along with left/right level controls. The CTD-300 is the perfect solution to converting analog base band into a suitable output for digital input equipment. Whether your application is for the new digital broadcasting standard or you just need to get a signal from one site to another, the CTD-300 is a high quality, affordable solution. The CTD-300 can also be used as a high quality monitor decoder for studio applications. Simply connect an output from your base band modulation monitor and you now have a pair of AES3 outputs of your off air signal. Of course you can choose left/right analog too.

The CTD-300 is another product produced by BDI engineers that is built to high standards. Our products are proudly made in the USA with high quality components. Each has an EMI protected, regulated power supply. We don’t use so called “wall warts” for mission critical products that are a vital part of your air chain and you shouldn’t either.

BDI has been a leader in the field of FM/TV audio signal switching, distribution and now conversion to digital audio. Find out why so many broadcasters around the world rely on BDI products for maintaining the integrity of the most critical part of their signal paths. Every BDI product carries a full one year warranty on parts and labor and is designed to meet the rigors of even the harshest environments.

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