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Trail Blazing with Wheatstone's VoxPro

Trail Blazing with Wheatstone's VoxPro

For two decades and counting, VoxPro has been the industry's go-to digital audio recorder/editor for on-air radio applications, and ever since the visionaries at Wheatstone acquired it in 2015, VoxPro has become even more versatile and indispensable.

Why Pros Use VoxPro

VoxPro (the current version is VoxPro 7.1) is the only recorder/editor in the business that integrates a dedicated ergonomic hardware controller with software designed expressly to record, edit, and play clips on the air and in real time. Its possibilities are virtually endless. Rambling call-ins can be swiftly transformed into concise, cut-to-the-chase pearls of wisdom. Umms/aahs, verbal stumbles, sneezes, swear words and other buzz kills can disappear almost magically. Program-enhancing sound effects can appear precisely where you want them at the single touch of a button. I could go on and on, but you probably get the idea.

VoxPro's seamless integration with the Wheatstone WheatNet-IP audio network makes networking a breeze. Its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used in any physical or network configuration (including as an integrated hardware drop-in as part of the Wheatstone LXE console surface). User accounts are managed by means of simple ASCII text files. User audio files are maintained in a standard Windows format and can be shared from studio to studio.

VoxPro's Got Game

The ability to easily record and edit audio simultaneously during live shows is essential for many broadcasters, but it’s especially crucial to sportscasters who cover live sporting events, which nowadays are as much multimedia/multi-platform spectacles as they are contests between two teams.
That's why VoxPro has recently found its way into sports broadcasts. Once mainly used for recording and editing live call-ins for morning radio shows, it's now a vital tool of the NBA Portland Trail Blazers (and many other sportscasters) for audience-grabbing live coverage.
Because VoxPro's controller (boasting a handy scrub wheel) and software editing tools are designed specifically for real-time, fast-paced live production, sportscasters can easily drag and drop sound bites into one of VoxPro's many Hotkeys, adding fades and effects as needed, all while editing or recording a separate track in a side window AND sending a mix-down to air. Trail blazing!
And lately, savvy sportscasters are now preparing sound effects and music beds specific to an athlete or a particular play in advance and recalling them for playback using VoxPro’s Hotkeys.
If you're interested in beefing up your broadcasts with VoxPro, BSW conveniently carries the software and the controller (both sold separately) as well as a money-saving software/controller bundle.

Happy trails!

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