​The Easy Way to Equip Your Low Power FM Station

​The Easy Way to Equip Your Low Power FM Station

At long last, your dream of starting a Low Power FM (LPFM) station is becoming a reality. You've jumped though the FCC's hoops to get your construction permit, LPFM frequency, and your license. You've hired an engineer to plan your setup and ensure that your LPFM station will be ready to go live (and stay live).

Your next stop is BSW.

BSW is your one-stop LPFM equipment shop, offering everything you need to dominate the airwaves (in a modest, low power kind of way). Let's take a look at some of the LPFM equipment you will need, and how BSW can help you choose the gear that is right for you.

LPFM Transmitters

There are a lot of low power FM transmitters on the market, but you need one that is FCC- type-accepted for LPFM.

Nautel VX LPFM analog transmitters are seriously advanced type- accepted Low Power FM transmitters. The VX150 and VX300 are compact, ultra-efficient, and easy to maintain. And Nautel's VS300 offers built-in instrumentation, remote management and advanced capabilities that can save your LPFM station thousands of dollars.

CW Broadcast's FM300ES is also FCC type-accepted for LPFM and is loaded with essential features that will make getting on the air a breeze.

Talk with a BSW GearHead for all your LPFM transmitter options and to find the ideal transmitter for your LPFM station.

LPFM Broadcast Antennas

BSW has a wide selection of broadcast antennas from the giants of the industry. Jampro and NICOM are two top, time-tested brands BSW’s GearHeads are here to guide you through the selection process and get the most out of your LPFM signal.

Emergency Alert System (EAS) Gear

Even low-range LPFM stations are required to have EAS equipment that is capable of decoding, either manually or automatically, the digitally encoded EAS protocol while monitoring at least two assigned EAS stations. The most common fines the FCC hands out are for incorrect EAS monitoring. The Sage Digital ENDEC is a popular choice. Trilithic and Digital Alert Systems are two other respected brands. Your BSW GearHead will point you to the brand and model that best fits your needs.

Broadcast Mixing Consoles

There are lots of consoles to choose from for LPFM broadcasting. One of the most popular is the Audioarts Air 1 USB. Ultra-compact, it fits anywhere your laptop does, and features a USB connection so you can plug it into your laptop for scheduling, storing and creating content. It's got everything most LPFM studios need: two mic inputs and six stereo inputs plus all the necessary metering, busses and preamps. Your BSW GearHead will be happy to go over all your LPFM console options.

Broadcast Audio Processors

A Low Power FM station can sound just as good as the big boys with the right audio processing. BSW carries all the heavyweight brands, including Orban, Omnia, Wheatstone, Inovonics and more. A BSW GearHead will help you choose the unit that will give your LPFM station its signature sound.


A good microphone is your voice talent's best friend, and BSW has the selection to get the most out of any voice. Check out the industry-favorite Shure SM7B, or the legendary Electro-Voice RE20 to name just two. Your BSW GearHead will help point you to the perfect mic for your talent.

More LPFM Equipment

This is just a small sample of LPFM equipment available for your station. BSW carries everything from the on-air light in the studio to the red light on the tower for your new LPFM station. Get on the horn with a BSW GearHead to get all the equipment you need for great LPFM broadcasting.


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